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Horizontal Channel Balers


presa balotat Konti The top of the range PAAL channel baling press model The KONTI combines the technical expertise of the PAALGROUP in one top model. Decades of experience, together with ongoing further-development have established the robust KONTI as a force to be reckoned with on the European market. The KONTI is a fully automatic ...

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presa balotat Likon THE TOP HORIZONTAL-TYING CHANNEL PRESS MODEL The LIKON fully automatic channel bale press represents tried and tested top quality. With LIKON, we guarantee high loading levels in continuous operation at maximum effectivity. Its robust construction and very high pressing forces of 1200kN - 1950kN demonstrate the quality ...

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presa balotat Pacomat The economic channel bale press PAAL` evergreen press is fitted with a horizontal tying system (PACOMAT I – III) or a vertical one (PACOMAT V). The robust, fully automatic channel bale press has been a fixture on the market for more than 30 years. Pressing forces of 350kN to 800kN generate very highly compressed ...

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presa balotat Dokon The unique channel bale press The fully automatic DOKON is a powerful and efficient bale press with a horizontal twine tying system. Years of experience, together with ongoing further-development have established the robust DOKON as a force to be reckoned with on the press market. The DOKON has a pressing force ...

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presa balotat HTR The perfect two-ram baler The HTR is a fully automatic, high-compression two-ram baler. Our many years of experience in compressing domestic refuse, for example, coupled with future-oriented technical innovation have established the HTR as indispensable on the baler market. Compressing press material with pressing ...

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presa balotat S1W The first-class baler The fully automatic S1W baler is particularly suitable for pressing tin and aluminium cans into highly compressed packages. These highly efficient balers are characterized by their very stable construction, their performance and their long service lives. The closed, robust press box and the ...

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presa balotat Pac The newcomer - the compact, closed end baler This PAAL baler with a vertical sliding door is designed for manual strapping of the bales with wire in a horizontal direction. Pressing forces from 350kN up to 650kN with a closed press chamber resulting in very high bale weights, even on difficult materials. The bale ...

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